Food Truck Builder

So you’ve decided it’s go time and you’re ready to build. We’ve got you covered.

For trailers, we team up with a manufacturer in Clearwater that has been building quality trailers from the ground up for decades, Express Trailers. These aren’t your average trailer that was thrown together, Express is all about quality, customization and doing things the way they should be done. This aligns with our core values of delivering top notch vehicles that will be durable and last, while looking good.

Once we have an empty truck or trailer, the process moving ahead is very similar for a truck and a trailer. Hence, you won’t find the cost differential very different from a truck to a trailer.

It’s often believed a trailer will be less expensive on insurance, on the contrary, they are more expensive because your tow vehicle detaches. In addition the cost of a solid trailer is often comparable to the cost of a truck.