Food Truck Buildout

Building trucks that are durable and functional is our specialty

There is a lot involved in planning and building a food truck. Many variables need to be considered on whether a truck or trailer will meet your needs better. In addition, what size unit will you need, what equipment and what layout to be  as efficient as possible.

We can help you setup a productive food truck layout that  will endure the test of large events and caterings. The experience has been garnered from a decade of coordinating special events with food trucks with our sister company, Tampa Bay Food  Trucks.

Custom Upgrades: Generator Boxes, Menu Boards, & Generator Rain Shields

Not all generators are created equal and not all compartments were either. Having a custom enclosure built to meet the air and weather protection needs of your food truck generator can be critical to keep you running.

There are times where there is no room for a generator enclosure, that’s where our rain shields can save the day by keeping that little box powering your business going in some harsh weather conditions.

Magnetic menu boards are awesome! Especially ones that expand, fold out from the truck and are wrapped to match your branding. We recommend magnetic menu boards over TV’s because of visibility during the day and ease of removal of an item that’s been 86’d during a busy event.

Generator Box

Generator Repair and Maintenance

Generator’s are at the very center of the success of a food truck business. Proper maintenance, protection and selection of the right generator all play into the most essential item in your arsenal of equipment.

Selecting  a properly rated generator for your application is your first step. The next step is where is that generator going to be stowed and where will it operate. Do you need a custom generator enclosure built? Will the generator remain on the tongue of a trailer or bumper of a truck? What will protect it from the weather? How will power be transferred from the generator to the interior of the truck? How will the generator be fueled?

Generator Maintenance